Tubular centrifuge
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High-speed continuous flow centrifuge
Type vertical
Application pilot production for vaccine, pharmaceutical, biological fermentation,blood production and etc.
Material 316L or 304
Separation factor 15900xg
Motor power 3kw
Power supply AC380 50hz
Rotating tube ID 142mm
Rotating tube speed 14000r/min
Solid volume 11L
Production capacity 400-1500l/h
Water capacity 1500l/h
Liquid outlet port size OD:48mm, ID:44mm
Liquid inlet port size OD:12mm, ID:9mm
Equipment size 900*510*1660mm
Equipment weight 700kg
Automatic degree continuous feed liquid, solid clarification and separation
Competitive Advantage

The working principle of the tube centrifuge:

The suspension enters from the center of the drum bottom. Under the action of centrifugal force, the denser solids quickly settle on the inside of the drum to form a solid layer, and the clarified liquid is at the axis of the drum.


Advantages of tube centrifuge:


1. Simple structure;

2.The diameter of the rotating drum is small, and it can reach a high speed under the driving of the motor, and can settle very small worm particles.


weakness is:


1. The separated solids need to be removed manually by parking;


2. If there are bubbles in the suspension, a large number of bubbles will occupy the center of the drum, and the clear liquid is difficult to draw out, which will affect the separation effect.


Tubular centrifuges are more suitable for clarification of suspensions with less solid content.

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