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50L500L two vaccines fermenter (matt)

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BLBIO-V  series fermenter is our company's unique culture bacterial vaccine  equipment: fully sealed, zero leakage, no pollution, maintenance-free. You  can move into a static seal or seal double mechanical seal system,  completely solve the problem of contamination of biological products  tank culture. Fermentation  of various parameters such as, pH, DO, temperature and speed can be  monitored by the controller, all the data and control parameters can be  passed to the controller or computer. Compact structure, the various components can be integrated on the fermentation system. The upper driver can choose to use direct coupling mechanical stirring  or lower driving magnetic indirectly coupled mechanically mixing  method, the structure is simple, stable operation.

Ratio diametro altitudinis: I: 1 ad I; elementum implens aqua, LXX%
Tank: made of 316L stainless steel, easy to clean; polished stainless steel precision Ra≤0.4;
Tank features: sterile filter intake and exhaust condenser, including  intake and exhaust treatment systems, motor: fermentation tank dedicated  sew AC motor; the shaft seal or dual-channel magnetic stirring to  ensure zero leakage

Evacuatione: A multi-viam ullo spiramento scelerisque massa fluxus metris et automatic imperium aer flow rate of oxygeni
Venti Impetus: Imperium dolor pressura: 0-0.3Mpa, exitus pressura temperatio valvae pressura ordinator, remotis digital propono.
Miscentes ratio: species miscentes, recta, obliqua, ferrum impulsor (multilevel)
Fermentationem imperium PH: PID intelligentes imperium, Mettler electrode P;

Ego autem gradus imperium aequilibratione coelestium munera, intelligentes PID imperium, Mettler Electrode velis;
Temperatus imperium, intelligentes PID imperium, electrica calefactionem, refrigerationem aqua circulens sentinam temperatus ,, exolvuntur
Nutricatu pascens ratio perfecta (acida, alcalia, bulla inimicos agentium disciplina)
Ius appendens ratio: ius carnium mittens test online volumine * (pondere), appendentes siclos sensorem * Mettler (Lond cellula)
Elevatio manuum jip operculo automatic ratio (libitum): elevatio manuum ipso in operculo facilis nam purgatio et sustentacionem
BLBIO tank, HAUSTUS automatic ratio sterilitate (libitum): et statim sterilis valvae, gradu labor redigendum
BLBIO CIP tristique dui-purgatio ratio (libitum): Auto-CCCLX rotationis sunt washer

BLBIO-S  control system: Siemens S7-200 series PLC + 10-inch tablet computer  touch-screen display, on-site direct operation (menu-driven), the entire  Chinese menu and interface; also with the host computer for data  transfer, data sampling and display tank browse the data analysis system, read settings. Control  or acquisition pH, DO, tank pressure, temperature, speed, air flow, fed  weighed broth volume and other parameters can be easily calibrated pH,  DO electrode via software; parameter setting initial control state; with  independent Direct analysis of historical curve; curve analysis system

Technical parametri
Stirring speed: The fermenter special motor, speed: 50 ~ 1000rpm CVT; Accuracy: ± 1rpm;
PH control: Intelligent PID control, automatic fill acid / base; range: 2 ~ 12ph; control accuracy: ± 0.02ph,
DO control: Intelligent PID control, and feeding speed, air flow,  pressure related; range: 0 to 100%, the control accuracy: ± 3%;
Temperature control: intelligent PID control; electric heating water  cooling; range: cooling water temperature + 5 ~ 80 ℃; Accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃;
Imperium spumam: sentinam complement defoamers peristalticum, automatic imperium,
Evacuatione: automatic temperatio, digital ostentationem;
Pressura cisternina: automatic temperatio, digital ostentationem
Exhauriunt, exhauriunt emissiones filtration cum calor inactivated

Model Comments: BLBIO- XABC D-
X totalis tristique volumine:
Cisternina materiae A: G: Glass / S: -M Stainless chalybs tristique V animalis cell protein C Vaccinum reactor cisternina
Cras interdum sollicitudin ante Transmissus: C: coegi mechanica magnetici motum / mechanica agitare tumultus Direct J / Q S suscitare G solidum fluxus motum praebere lumen
C - adde ad libitum features A latae sententiae sterilitate - mora manual manual situ sterilitate -U sterilitate V speculum operculo statim upgrade
D  - -A controller model for industrial control computer + Control Module -  inaction B controller, for our standard controller -C 10-inch LCD touch  screen + PLC -D 15-inch LCD touch screen + PLC + imports transmitter  Siemens device

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