LABRUSCUM optimum absorber CAS NO.302776-68-7

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  • Diethylamino Hydroxybenzoyl Hexyl Benzoate
  • Uvinul A plus
  • UV absorber DHHB

Details Velox

  • ProName:Excellent UVA absorber
  • CASNo:302776, 68 7,
  • Molecular Formula:C24H31NO4
  • species:lumen flavus pulveris
  • Application:Sol curat mundum muliebrem: personalis cura, sol ...
  • Tempus adferendi:10 diebus
  • sarcina:25kg currus
  • Portus:SHANGHAI
  • ProductionCapacity:De re metrica ton MM / Year
  • Quod puritas:98%
  • PRAECLUSIO:In quo est condita in sicco et clausa ...
  • translationem:DEDUCTIO MEDITERRANEUS, general medica ...
  • LimitNum:De re metrica ton 1
  • Grave metallum:max 10ppm
  • Grade:Industrial Part, Victus Romani, tecta Gra ...
  • PROBATIO:98, 105%
  • LOD:MAX 0.5%
  • Cicero Colo colui cultum,max 8.2
  • Lepidium sativum;IR
  • Lepidium sativum;UV
  • Specific Absorption:910-940
  • concursus54


qualis optimus

firmum copiam

attractive pretium

reliable technica firmamentum

logisticae, optimum firmamentum

audt locum spport

audit documenta firmamentum

promptum libera

formula firmamentum

princeps puritatem

lowest impurit

firmum species uber

diethylamino hydroxybenzoyl hexyl benzoate has excellent photo stability and compatibility with other v absorbers and other cosmetics ingredients.

dhhb has been approved for the use in sunscreens in the european union since 2005 with a maximum of 10%. and is also approved in the south america, mexico, japan and taiwan. in the united states it can be used for product protection.

dhhb become a model uva sunscree agent, with better light staility.


LABRUSCUM absorber

output 600MT/year

UV ASORBER. Cum de cute, ignem concipit eumque HOC OPUS UV radios. Potest etiam

NEW FROM DETERIORTATION TO RTECT muliebrem, et traderet personalis cura products. Hic poterit

DE SOLE praesidio products usus est in tabulis, tum TURMA cutem, purificationis,

COMA, clavumque affixus et GFRAGRANCE products.

Appearance White slightly salmon granular, powder, becoming yelllow melt upon heating.

98-105% discedere tentas

Max LOD 0.5%

Melting point 54

Lepidium sativum: A infrared Lolium multiflorum 197K

B absorptio 197U

Specific absorption: 910-940

DHHB'S function played in sunscreen products include:

With high absorption effect on UV A

With strong protective effect for free radical produced y UV

Enhance the SPF value of UVB sunscreen

With very good light stability ,maintain effectiveness for long time.

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