Biopharmaceutical Process Module GMP 2

300L magnetic stirring mixing preparation tank

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Process vessels are designed and built to meet the process requirements at all stage of the process. 

Process vessels are designed in compliance to ASME BPE guidelines, ensuring cleanability, drainability and sterilizability.

Volume: 30L~20000L


Material: stainless steel 316L for contacting material

stainless steel 304 for non-contacting material


Surface treatment: inner surface : Ra0.28~0.6μm mechanical polishing, passivation or electric polishing (optional)

Outer surface: Ra0.6~0.8μm matte finish Stirring:


Magnetic stirring at the bottom or double mechanical stirring at the top


Pressure: atmospheric pressure or pressure vessel (-0.1~1Mpa)


Structure: single layer cylinder, with jacket, with jacket and insulation


Jacket stype: full jacket, honeycomb jacket and coil jacket


Insulation material, using rock wool


Configuration: air respirator, thermometer, level gauge, sanitary inlet, sight glass, universal rotating cleaning ball or according to customer requirements.


Pressure manufacturing standard: GB150-1998, ASME or PED/23/EC

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