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수용성 수용성 선 스크린 제 Ensulizole CAS NO.27503-81-7

  • 설명
  • 문의
  • Phenyl Benzimidazole Sulphonic Acid
  • sunscreen PBSA;UV-T
  • Top producer UV filter

간략한 세부 사항

  • ProName :Good water soluble sunscreen agent Ens...
  • CasNo :27503-81-7
  • 분자식:C13H10N2O3S
  • 외관:백색 결정 성 분말
  • 신청:It can be used as sunscreens for sun c...
  • 배달 시간:10 일
  • 꾸러미:25KG drum
  • 포트 :우한
  • 생산 능력:1000 미터 톤 / 일
  • 청정:98%
  • 스토리지 :Stored in closed container in dry cool...
  • 교통 :According to chemicals transportation ...
  • 한계 :2 메트릭 톤
  • 헤비메탈:최대 20ppm
  • 난이도 :산업 등급, 제약 등급
  • LOD :2 % MAX
  • MP :300
  • 시험:98-102의 %
  • 신분증:IR
  • 신분증:UV


phenyl benzimidazole sulphonic acid is a very good water soluble sunscreen agent. as a us fda inspected and appoved producer, we provide best products as well as attractive services.

you can get,

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one stop purcase of all uv filters.

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we are your best partner for uv filters/sunscreen.

세부 정보

외관 : 백색 결정 성 분말

분석법 : 98-102 %

건조 감량 : 최대 2.0 %

Melting point:300 Centigrade degree

Identfication: A Infrared Absorption 197K

B UV absorption 197U

Phenyl Benzimidazole Sulphonic Acid is a common sunscreen agent. It has been approved by the US FDA to be used on suncreen

labels in the United States.It is primarily a UVB protecting agent providing only minimal UVA protection.For better UV A protection, it

must be paired with Avobenzone etc. Because of Pheylbenzimidazole sulphonic acid is water soluable, it has the characteristic of feeling

ligter on skin. As such, it is often used in sunscreen lotions or moisturizers whose aesthetic goal is a non-greasy finish.The free acid is

poorly soluble in water, so it is used as its soluble salts.

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