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Effective sunscreen OCTYL TRIAZONE CAS NO.88122-99-0

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  • UVINUL T150

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  • ProName :Effective sunscreen OCTYL TRIAZONE
  • CasNo :88122-99-0
  • 분자식:C48H66N6O6
  • 외관:백색 분말
  • 신청:썬 케어, 스킨 케어, 화장품, 립 카 ...
  • 배달 시간:10 일
  • 꾸러미:25KG 드럼
  • 포트 :상해
  • 생산 능력:500 미터 톤 / 년
  • 청정:98%
  • 스토리지 :가벼운 용기
  • 교통 :화학 규제에 따라
  • 한계 :1 메트릭 톤
  • 헤비메탈:20 PPM MAX
  • 난이도 :파마 그레이드
  • 시험:97.5-102의 %


einecs no 402-070-1

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Appearance White to light yellow powder

분석 97.5-102 %

Identifcation A Infrared Absorption (197F) Conform

B The retention time of the major peak in the chromatogram of the Assay preparation corresponds to that in the

chromatogram of the standard preparation, as obtained in the Assay.

Octyl Triazone is a highly effective UV-B filter with an exceptionally high absorptivity of over 1500 at 314nm. Because of its high A1/1 value, only small concentrations are required in cosmetic suncare preparations, to achieve a high SPF value. Concentrations up to 3% are recommended.

Besides the polar nature of this product gives it good affinity to the keratin in the skin, so that formulations in which it is used are particularly water-resistant. This property is further enhanced by its complete insolubility in water. Ethylhexyl Triazone can crystallize after prolonged storage, as a result of supersaturation.

Octyl Triazone has very good light stability. It remains practically unchanged,even when it is exposed to intense radiation.

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