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ʻO ka bioreactor ʻano Shaker

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Increase in the shaker on the basis of the control function of PH and feeding
500 ml to 1.5 liter glass bottles 6, temperature and speed of the overall control glass
12 peristaltic pump (Lange)
6 PH electrode (Mettler, Switzerland)
LCD touch-screen automatic control, process control parameters can be achieved, science and technology to save, there are USB interfaces

we are compliant fermentation equipment for research, development, pilot and production applications. Our Factory in China. We provide the fermentor products including : Stainless steel fermenter, Pilot combo stainless steel fermentor, glass fermentor, fermenter, Multi-Union fermenter,Multi-stagefermentation tank,and shaking Incubators , Positive join stainless steel fermentor

1. It can control feed supplement, PH and the testing of DO with multi-channel bioreactor shaker.
2. Fermentors with 0.5L,0.6L,0.7L,1L,1.5L,2L capacity and alternative fostering fermenors are available.
3. Ways of ventilation can be reinforced through additional selective flowmeter

1. Getting more information on microbial fostering process.
2. Differentiating from aircraft and biological effect.
3. Replacing expensive fermentation experiments.
4. Reducing the time of research and development for biotechnology and fostering conditions of research and development.
5. Providing ideal selecting condition.
6. Describing and targeting the upgrading of culture medium.
7. Being easy to operate with the same fostering condition with shaker.
8. Reducing the time from testing to practical application.
9. Shortening the period of product launch medium.


Bioreactor Shaking Table



Ka helu ʻĀina



316L kila kila


Cyclotron oscillating

Revolving speed: 0-250 rpm

Maximum amplitude 25mm

Ka paleʻana

Displacement of high pressure

sterilization pot sterilization

ʻO ke kaohi o ka pale

15 - 50 ℃±0.2℃


Control range: 2-12 prcision ±0.01

Liquid fed-batch

2 way programmable precise peristaltic pump

Ke hoʻonohonoho hoʻonohonoho

Temperature, Rpm, PH, Feed, Air flow(manual)


Extensible Configuration

DO test (can choose 1-6 DO test systems)

ʻO ke kaʻina hana

BL biological engineering controller

Ke mana uila


upena Weight


Kaha (L * H * W)

* * 1000 700 1500

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