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Microbial fermenter, Glass fermenter, Stainless steel fermenter, Multi-stage fermenter, Multi-couplet stainless fermenter, Airlift fermenter, Plant cell bioreactor(illumination), Animal cell bioreactor, Solid fermentor, Enzyme Bioreactor, Vaccine Bioreactor, The bottom agitation bioreactor, Advanced Fermentor(weighing), Production fermentation system, GMP standard fermentation tank, Mixing tank, Exhaust analyzer, Advanced analysis software,  Algae photo bioreactor,  Fermenter tank,  Industrial microbiology fermentation

ما که هستیم

KNIK TECH (BL bio) is to provide complete sets of bioreactor (fermentation) and the control of manufacturer and technical service, products include bioreactor (fermentation), animal cells bioreactor, biological reactor bed, biological wave bed bioreactor, and control system, etc., can produce 0.1 L - 1000 KL volume of the bioreactor, with the Chinese dream, our biological engineering equipment for China to the world contribute their strength. To provide clients with bioreactor manufacturers and technical services.

تیم ما

Has more than 15 years research and fermentation process equipment manufacturing experience, young, passionate and firm faith, dare to face the challenge, closely united, have the courage to struggle.

Our business objective

Continue to improve our technical ability and brand influence -- - and have a positive impact to our customers.
To control financial risk, and the manufacturing cost, that means that no matter how economic and market environment, we will continue to innovation and create value for customers.

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Our staff practice day by day the BLBIO - to pursuit of excellence, quality first, honest values.

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