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KNIKBIO-b control system



The KNIKBIO-S biological fermentation process control system is composed of the host computer, version 2019/2020, fermentation control software, field controller (BIO-S/Siemens plc), sensors and various executive components. The upper computer can use win7 or win10 operating system as the platform.

The field controller is based on the German Siemens S7-1200 series programmable controller. It adopts multi-level expansion and has sufficient system A/D conversion channels, D/A conversion channels, and switch input and output. The field controller adopts the industrial-grade Siemens man-machine interface, and the fermentation system runs as usual without a host computer. Such a design structure and options better improve the reliability of the system, and will not affect fermentation production due to problems such as viruses or windows operating systems on the upper computer system.

The software control system adopts an advanced embedded two-level computer network control structure based on industrial Ethernet. It includes a lower computer controller for field signal acquisition and conversion, an upper computer computer control, and network communication software. All aspects of control Adopt intelligent PID control, stable control, high control accuracy, and parameter self-tuning control algorithm.


Man-machine interface

The man-machine interface is friendly, and multiple monitoring screens can be switched; and the running status of multiple fermentation tanks can be monitored simultaneously on one display interface.


Detection and control

It can measure and control at the same time: stirring speed, tank temperature, sterilization temperature, pH value, DO value, cell density, tank pressure, exhaust O2, exhaust CO2, intake flow, etc. The required items are determined by the user's choice.


Antifoaming and feeding

It has the functions of over-liquid level alarm and automatic refilling, as well as over-foam level alarm and automatic addition of defoamer; Note: The defoaming function must be selected.


Regular and quantitative feeding

With software setting peristaltic pump timing and quantitative replenishment function; need high-precision timing and quantitative replenishment function should choose the electronic scale function.


Cascade control

Fully associated control of dissolved oxygen and speed, that is, the method of changing the speed to improve the dissolved oxygen concentration of the culture solution; the associated control of feed and pH; the associated control of feed and dissolved oxygen.



Automatically controlled sterilization of solid and empty cans, including air inlet filters and exhaust filters. It can control the sterilization temperature, sterilization time, tank pressure, jacket pressure and stirring speed. After sterilization, it will automatically enter the fermentation preparation state.


Pressure protection test

It has the function of tank body pressure keeping test to realize automatic detection of tank body air tightness performance;


Setting and calibration

The temperature, DO, pH, pressure and other sensors can be calibrated. The flow of each squirming pump can be calibrated manually.


Data display, record, and storage

The system has the function of real-time display, data record, data analysis, graph and batch report, output print, password management and alarm, etc. The history data and curve of various parameters can be kept for years (must have the upper computer to be realized). Important parameters are written to the database for data analysis at any time. Full Chinese interface, with detailed instructions.


PID control

Each parameter has PID control and regulatory process that shows, like seting values, real time values, PID Settings, upper and lower level values;


Over limit alarm function

It can set temperature, rotating speed, pH value, DO value and other upper and lower limit and have over limit alarm function.


Control switch

Speed, temperature, pH value, DO value, filling and so on can be set to automatic, manual and shutdown status;


Diagnosis and protection

The system has adaptive ability and self-diagnostic ability; Abnormal conditions can be set up according to the customer to do automatic alarm and protection operation.


Password protection function

Operation has a password protection function, and the passwords are divided into operator, first-class technician and administrator-level passwords;

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