• Описание
  • Разследване
  • Tinuvin 328
  • Uvinul 3028;Eversorb 74
  • Lowilite 28; Songsorb 3280

Кратки данни

  • ProName:UV-328
  • CasNo:25973-55-1
  • Молекулярна формула:C22H29N3O
  • Външен вид:slight yellow powder
  • Приложение:UV-328 is a benzotriazole type ultravi...
  • Време за доставка:10 ДНИ
  • PackAge:25KG DRUM
  • Производствен капацитет:1000 Metric Ton/Year
  • Чистота:99%
  • съхранение:light-resistant container
  • LimitNum:1 метричен тон
  • Heavy metal:20 ppm макс
  • Grade:Industrial Grade,Food Grade,Pharma Gra...
  • Изследване:99%
  • Точка на топене:80-88
  • Идентификация:IR
  • Идентификация:UV
  • Разтворимост:Clear Solution,free from insoluble
  • Volatiles Content:0.5% макс
  • Ash content:0.1% макс
  • Предаване:96% мин
  • transmittance:97%


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uv-328 is a benzotriazole type ultraviolet light absorber, impacting good light stability for plastics and other organic polymers. uv-326 is especially suited for polyolefins ad cold cured polyesters. it protects polymers from uv radiation helping to preserve the original appearance and physical integrity, especially for polyolefins and polyester resins.


Other names: TINUVIN 328; EVERSORB 74

Appearance: Light yellow powder

Solubility: Clear solution, free from insoluble

Точка на топене: 79-87

Volatiles content:0.5% max

Ash content: 01 % max

Transmittance: 460nm 96.0% min

500nm 97.0% min

UV-328 is a light stabiizer with good performance, capabie of absorbing the UV radiation of 240-340nm wavelength with the characteristics of light color ,non-toxic, good compatibility, small mobility, easy processing etc. It can protect the polymer to its maximum extent, helps to reduce the color. It can also delay the yelowing and obstacle the loss of its physical function. It is widely applied to PE, PVC, PP, PS, PC, Organic glass, polypropylene fiber, ethylene-vinyl acetate etc. Moreover, it has very good light-stability effect pn drying phenol aldehyde, vanish or alcohol and acname, polyurethane, acrylate, expoxnamee etc.


For Polypropylene

ABS: 0.3-0.5 WT% based on polymer weight

PS: 0.2-0.3 WT% based on polymer weight

HIPS: 0.2-0.3WT% based on polymer weight

For high density polyethylene 0.2-0.3WT% based on polymer weight

For polyamine: 0.2-0.3WT% based on polymer weight

For polyester: 0.2-0.3WT% based on polymer weight

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