Твърдо състояние на ферментатори

Твърдоценен ферментер

Solid State Fermentor

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316L stainless steel,
Shaft mixing,
Reversing can be set
Control the speed, temperature, humidity

This kind of fermentor can be applied into solid fermentation systems including pharmacy, fodder, enzymes, biological pesticide and other industries, which has advantages of saving investment, good aseptic performance, saving operating environment, simple maintenance and not easily-polluted environments, etc.

1. Sterilization in place and cooling. The steam was directly into the fermentor, aided by a special stirring system to achieve the goal of sterilization in place in the high temperature.

2. Temperature and humidity control. Temperature display controls temperature through the feedback from the use of air volume. Material humidity adopts full atomization filling water system to be adjusted. Inoculation in place and blending. Differential pressure in place and even vaccination. In the process of fermentation, uniform and stable fermentation is realized by using blending materials and broken system in the tank.

Horizontal solid fermentation tank is convenient to observe materials, and the outward processing is clean.

Control parameters: Temperature, revolving speed, humidity.

ние сме съвместими с ферментационно оборудване за изследвания, разработки, пилотни и производствени приложения. Нашата фабрика в Китай. Ние предлагаме продуктите на ферментатора, включително: ферментатор от неръждаема стомана, пилотен комбиниран ферментатор от неръждаема стомана, стъклен фермент, ферментатор, многосъюзен ферментатор tank резервоар за многостепенна ферментация “и разклащащи инкубатори, позитивен фермент от неръждаема стомана.

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