Катылавы саліцылат CAS NO.118-60-5

  • апісанне
  • Запыт
  • Octisalate; Eusolex OS
  • Ethylhexyl Salicylate
  • OS,uv absorber; uv filter,sunscreen

кароткія звесткі

  • ProName:Octyl Salicylate 
  • CasNo:118-60-5 
  • Малекулярная формула:C15H22O3
  • Знешні выгляд:Празрыстая злёгку жаўтлявая вадкасць
  • Ужыванне:Касметыка для сыходу за сонцам, сонцаахоўны крэм, крэм ...
  • Час дастаўкі:3 дзён
  • PackAge:200KG Барабан
  • Порт:Шанхай
  • Магчымасць вытворчасці:2000 Метрычная тона / год
  • чысціня:98%
  • захоўванне:святлотрывалы кантэйнер
  • Транспарт:Марскія перавозкі
  • LimitNum:2 метрычных тон
  • Цяжкі метал:10ppm макс
  • ацэнка:Фарма Ацэнка
  • EINENCS NO:204-263-4
  • ПАСЛУГАЙ:95-105%
  • UV EXTINCTION:1100-1180



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it is a very good uv absorber can commonly incorporated into sunscreens for its antibacterical abilities and helps

прадухіленне перагортвання прадукту.


octyl salicylate is an organic compound used as an ingredient in sunscreens and cosmetics to absorb uvb rays from the is

an ester colorless oily liquid.




Appearance Clear Colorless to slightly yellowish liquid

Аналіз 95-105%

Identification: A Infrared Absorption 197F

                     B Ультрафіялетавае паглынанне 197U

Absorbtivity at 305nm do not differ by more than 3.0%

Specific gravity  1.011-1.016

Refractive index  1.500-1.503

UV specific Extinction 1100-1180

Residual  200ppm mx


Octisalate is an oil soluale and water insoluable UVB absorber and generally used in combination with

other UV to boost SPF value. OS serves as an inhibitor against UV degradation of emusions,polyemer and dyestuff.

It is ideal for use in sun care and skin care products for daily protection. OS is a very good sunscreen.

Octisalate is a very good UV absorber. The salicylate portion of the melecule absorbs ultraviolet light, protecting skin from the harmful effects of exposure to sunlight. The  ethylhexanol portion is a fatty alcohol, adding emollient and oil-like properties.



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