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Application and characteristics of biological shaker

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Biological shaker is a common laboratory instrument and equipment, mainly used for bacterial culture, fermentation, hybridization and biochemical reaction, as well as enzyme, cell tissue culture research, in medicine, biology, molecular, pharmaceutical, food, environment, etc. The industry is widely used.
Let’s take a look at the applications of bio-shakers.
1. Escherichia coli culture: it grows quickly and is not easily destroyed under high-speed conditions. After the growth period, it needs to cool down to stop bacterial growth and maintain activity. Culture conditions: 30-35°C, 6-8 hours. Need refrigeration.
2. Mammalian cell culture: It is susceptible to mechanical damage and requires low speed, 5% CO2, and 37 degrees.
3. Plant cell culture: Slow growth, long culture time, culture under low humidity conditions, light circadian rhythm conditions are very important. Need refrigeration and light.
4. Yeast cell culture: easy to grow, large yield, humidity is high with vibration requirements, and anaerobic conditions are required. Requires refrigeration and cultivation at 28°C.
5. Fungal culture: The viscous medium reduces the oxygen transfer rate and is unfavorable for fungal growth. The culture does not exceed 20% of the volume of the culture flask.
6. ​​Virus culture (insect cell culture): To ensure safety, insect viruses are mostly used, and insect cell culture is first performed. Incubate at 27-28°C for 1-2 days.
The following are the characteristics of the biological shaker:
1. Better production technology ensures more stable and reliable mechanical operation.
2. The movement adopts high-quality cast iron and NSK imported bearings to make the machine more durable.
3, AC induction long-life motor, model, wide speed regulation, constant torque, no carbon brush, maintenance-free.
4. Unique motor overheating and automatic power-off protection device for temperature out of control.
5. Electrostatic spraying box, stainless steel electro-polished spring, flask holder.
6. ​​The whole machine has a silent design.
7. Convenient design makes it easy to adjust the oscillation amplitude.
8. Intelligent sound and light alarm environment scanning microprocessor controller.
9. The large LCD backlit LCD display shows the set parameters and actual measured parameters.
10. The operating parameters are encrypted and locked to avoid human misoperation.
11. Run parameter memory function to avoid tedious operation.
12. AC induction long-life motor design, wide speed regulation, constant torque, constant speed, no carbon brush, maintenance-free.
13. Over-temperature sound and light alarm function, motor overheating, temperature out of control, abnormal over-temperature instrument automatically cut off their respective power supply.
14. It has a power failure recovery function. After the external power supply suddenly loses power and is powered on again, the equipment can automatically resume operation according to the original set procedure.
15. The circuit for controlling acceleration ensures that the shaker starts slowly and accelerates steadily, ensuring the safety of experimental samples.
16. The streamlined luxury machine shape with a very aesthetic design concept, an electrostatic spray box, and a large screen tempered glass window.
The above is the application range and characteristics of the biological shaker for everyone this time. I hope you can learn more about the shaker after reading it.


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