• መግለጫ
  • ጥያቄ
  • Tinuvin 770
  • Uvinul 4077;Eversorb 90
  • Lowilite 77; Songlight 770

ፈጣን ዝርዝሮች

  • ProName:UV-770
  • CasNo:52829-07-9
  • የሞለኪዩል ቀመር:C28H52O4N2
  • መልክ:ነጭ ዱቄት ወይም ግራጫ
  • መተግበሪያ:UV-770 is a hindered amine light stabi...
  • የማስረከቢያ ቀን ገደብ:10 ቀኖች
  • PackAge:25KG DRUM
  • ፖርት:ሼንግሃህ
  • የማምረት አቅም:1000 Metric Ton/Year
  • ጽና99%
  • ማከማቻ:light-resistant container
  • LimitNum:1 ሜትሪክ ቶን
  • Heavy metal:20 ppm ከፍተኛ
  • ክፍል;Industrial Grade,Food Grade,Pharma Gra...
  • Assay:99%
  • የማቀዝቀዣ ነጥብ:82-86
  • መለያ:IR
  • መለያ:UV
  • ውሕደት:Clear Solution,free from insoluble
  • Volatiles Content:0.5% ከፍተኛ
  • Ash content:0.1% ከፍተኛ
  • ማስተላለፍ98% ደቂቃ
  • transmittance:99%


we have very huge output approximate 1000mt/ year

the production facility are inspected and approved by the us fda.

we can support,

stable supply, stable quality

huge output

attractive price

logistic support ,warehouse in new jersey and europe

site audit support

documentaton support

prompt response within 24 hours

uv-770 is a hindered amine light stabilizer(hals), is used for polypropylene(tapes, films, thick items),polyethlene(thin and thick items),

styrenics(acrylonitrile butadienestyrene, polystyrene, high impact polysyrene), polyurethane,polyacetal, polyamide.


Other names: TINUVIN 770; EVERSORB 90

Appearance: White crystals

Solubility: Clear solution, free from insoluble

የማሽከርከሪያ ነጥብ: 82-86

Volatiles content:0.5% max

Ash content: 01 % max

Transmittance: 425nm 98.0% min

500nm 99.0% min

UV-770 can be dissolved in such organic solvent such as benzol, touene, phenyethene, etc. It can not be dissolved in water. It can be easily dissolved in som kinds of resin, and it is not sensitive to metal Ions. Under alkalinity, as low volatile, it is not turned int yellow, ca absorb the ultraviolet ray of 270-380nm wavelength effectively. When used with antioxidants, it has cooperative effect. With lower position, it is considered as the world's sagest plastic accretion.


For Polypropylene

ABS: 0.3-0.5 WT% based on polymer weight

PS: 0.2-0.3 WT% based on polymer weight

HIPS: 0.2-0.3WT% based on polymer weight

For high density polyethylene 0.2-0.3WT% based on polymer weight

For polyamine: 0.2-0.3WT% based on polymer weight

For polyester: 0.2-0.3WT% based on polymer weight

ለበለጠ መረጃ


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