የአቅርቦት ከፍተኛ ጥራት ያለው የኢትዮ -2-ሲያኖ -3,3-ዲፕሊንylpropenoate 5232-99-5 ፋብሪካ CAS NO.5232-99-5

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  • ጥያቄ
  • supply Ethyl-2-Cyano-3,3-Diphenylpropenoate
  • Ethyl-2-Cyano-3,3-Diphenylpropenoate factory
  • high quality of Ethyl-2-Cyano-3,3-Diphenylpropenoate

ፈጣን ዝርዝሮች

  • ProName:Supply high quality of Ethyl-2-Cyano-3, 3-Diphenylpropenoate 523299-5 factory
  • ካሮኖ5232-99-5
  • የሞለኪዩል ቀመር:C18H15NO2
  • መልክ:ነጭ የቀለም ክዋክብት
  • መተግበሪያ:UV absorber for color cosmetics, as we...
  • የማስረከቢያ ቀን ገደብ:15 ቀኖች
  • ፓኬጅ25 ኪ.ግ ካርቶን ከበሮ
  • ፖርት:ሼንግሃህ
  • የማምረት አቅም:1000 ሜትሪክ ቶን / ዓመት
  • ጽና99%
  • ማከማቻ:Stored in closed container under cool ...
  • መጓጓዣ-Stored in closed container in cool tem...
  • LimitNum1 ሜትሪክ ቶን
  • ከባድ ብረት;20 ፒኤም ማ
  • ክፍል;የኢንዱስትሪ ደረጃ ፣ ፋርማማ ክፍል
  • Assay:99% ደቂቃ
  • መልክ:Off-white crystalline powder


supply high quality of ethyl-2-cyano-3,3-diphenylpropenoate 5232-99-5 factory


1. best quality&reasonable price,

2. formualtion support&reliable customer service

3.reliable customer service&best logistic service

4. site adit support can be provided&documentaton audit support

5. stable supply&stable quality

6. quality conforms to latest usp requirement

7. it is a very good uv absorber can commonly incorporated into sunscreens for its antibacterical abilities and helps

8. preventing product from turning rancid.


Supply high quality of Ethyl-2-Cyano-3,3-Diphenylpropenoate 5232-99-5 factory

አጠቃላይ እይታ

Name: Ethyl-2-Cyano-3,3-Diphenylpropenoate

CAS NO: 5232-99-5

ሞለኪዩላር ቀመር: C18H15NO2

EINECS: 226-029-0

Molecular Weight: 277.31700

Synonyms: Etocrilene; 2-Propenoic acid, 2-cyano-3,3-diphenyl-, ethyl ester; Ethyl 2-Cyano-3,3-diphenylacrylate

እርሾ: 99%

መልክ-ነጭ የመስታወት ዱቄት

Storage :Stored in closed container in dry cool conditions.

Application: UV absorber for color cosmetics, as well as stabilizers for PVC,PA and ABS,ps, polyesters and PUR.

Assay:99% min

Gardner Color: 2.0% max

Melting point: 96-98 Centigrade degree

Loss on drying:: 0.5% max

K value: 46.0 min

Turbility: : 10 NTU max

ማቅረቢያ እና ጥቅል


Port: Wuhan

Payments: T/T L/C D/P D/A

Supply Capacity: 1000MT/Day

Time of Delivery:10days

Package: 25KG DRUM

Transportation:According to chemicals transportation regulation

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