የአልትራቫዮሌት አመቻች ኢሲሲሪሌን ሲ.ኤ.አ..5232-99-5 ከፍተኛ ንፅህና

  • መግለጫ
  • ጥያቄ
  • Ethyl 2-cyano-3,3-diphenylpropenoate
  • UVINUL 3035

ፈጣን ዝርዝሮች

  • ProName:High purity of UV absorber Etocrylene
  • ካሮኖ5232-99-5
  • የሞለኪዩል ቀመር:C18H15NO2
  • መልክ:ነጭ የቀለም ክዋክብት
  • መተግበሪያ:ለቀለም መዋቢያዎች የአልቪን አመላካች…
  • የማስረከቢያ ቀን ገደብ:15 ቀኖች
  • ፓኬጅ25 ኪ.ግ ካርቶን ከበሮ
  • ፖርት:ሼንግሃህ
  • የማምረት አቅም:1000 ሜትሪክ ቶን / ዓመት
  • ጽና99%
  • ማከማቻ:በተዘጋ መያዣ ውስጥ በጥሩ ሁኔታ…
  • መጓጓዣ-በቀዝቃዛ አየር ውስጥ ዝግ በሆነ ኮንቴይነር ውስጥ ተከማችቷል ...
  • LimitNum1 ሜትሪክ ቶን
  • ከባድ ብረት;20 ፒኤም ማ
  • ክፍል;የኢንዱስትሪ ክፍል ፣ የምግብ ደረጃ ፣ ፋርማማ ክፍል ...
  • Assay:99% ደቂቃ
  • መልክ:ከነጭ-ነጭ ክሪስታል ዱቄት
  • LOD:0.5%
  • የአትክልት ቀለም ቀለም;2.0 MAX
  • K VALUE46.0 MIN
  • Turbility:10NTU max


our product is very high purity.

we offer one-stop supply of uv filters to personal care and cosmetics industry.

we are a us fda approved producer. our plants have been inspected and approved by the us fda.

we are a reliable producer focusing on long-term sustainability. 5% of revenue is invested on r&d every year to develop new products.

we are always improving cost-efficiency.

we got certificate iso9001, iso14001, iso18001 ,iso28001 and gmp.

we provide formulation support, site audit support and documentaton audt support.


Ethyl -2-Cyano-3,3-Diphenylpropenoate

EINECS NO: 226-029-0

Appearance: Off-white crystalline powder

ዋስትና: 99.0% ደቂቃ

Melting Point: 96-98 Centigrade degree

የአትክልት ቀለም ቀለም - 2.0 ከፍተኛ

በማድረቅ ላይ ኪሳራ: - 0.5% ከፍተኛ

K value: 46.0 min

Turbility: 10 NTU max

ETOCRYLENE is an organic ester that appears as an off-white crystalline powder and functions as a UVabsorer.When applied to the skin, this product absorbs UV rays. It can also be used to protect cosmetics and persona care products from deterioration. This product can be used in the formulation of sun protection products, as well as bath, skin, cleansing, hair, nail and fregrance products.

Etocrylene is a good UV absorber which can be for color cosmetics eg nail polish to protect the color.Also it is particularly suitable for the stabilization of PVC,PA,ABS, PS,POLYESTERS and PUR. Etocrylene is a very effiective at protectin plastics and coatings from the damaging ultraviolet radiation found in sunlight.

ለበለጠ መረጃ


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