ጥሩ ውሃ የሚሟሟ የፀሐይ ማያ ገጽ ወኪል ኤንሴሉሶዞል ሲ.ኤስ.አር. NO.27503-81-7

  • መግለጫ
  • ጥያቄ
  • Phenyl Benzimidazole Sulphonic Acid
  • sunscreen PBSA;UV-T
  • Top producer UV filter

ፈጣን ዝርዝሮች

  • ProName:Good water soluble sunscreen agent Ens...
  • ካሮኖ27503-81-7
  • የሞለኪዩል ቀመር:C13H10N2O3S
  • መልክ:ነጭ የቀለም ክዋክብት
  • መተግበሪያ:It can be used as sunscreens for sun c...
  • የማስረከቢያ ቀን ገደብ:10 ቀናት
  • ፓኬጅ25KG drum
  • ፖርት:ዊሃን
  • የማምረት አቅም:1000 ሜትሪክ ቶን / ቀን
  • ጽና98%
  • ማከማቻ:Stored in closed container in dry cool...
  • መጓጓዣ-According to chemicals transportation ...
  • LimitNum2 ሜትሪክ ቶን
  • ከባድ ብረት;20 ፒኤም ማ
  • ክፍል;Industrial Grade,Pharma Grade
  • LOD:2% MAX
  • MP300
  • Assay:98-102%
  • መለያ:IR
  • መለያ:UV


phenyl benzimidazole sulphonic acid is a very good water soluble sunscreen agent. as a us fda inspected and appoved producer, we provide best products as well as attractive services.

you can get,

ምርጥ ጥራት

ምክንያታዊ ዋጋ

የተረጋጋ አቅርቦት ፣ የተረጋጋ ጥራት

one stop purcase of all uv filters.

prompt delivery, wehave local warehouse in europe and new jersey, usa

በ 24 ሰዓታት ውስጥ ፈጣን ምላሽ

application technical support

የሰነድ ምርመራ ኦዲት ድጋፍ

የጣቢያ ኦዲት ድጋፍ

we are your best partner for uv filters/sunscreen.


መልክ-ነጭ የመስታወት ዱቄት

Assay: 98-102%

Loss on drying: 2.0% max

Melting point:300 Centigrade degree

Identfication: A Infrared Absorption 197K

B UV absorption 197U

Phenyl Benzimidazole Sulphonic Acid is a common sunscreen agent. It has been approved by the US FDA to be used on suncreen

labels in the United States.It is primarily a UVB protecting agent providing only minimal UVA protection.For better UV A protection, it

must be paired with Avobenzone etc. Because of Pheylbenzimidazole sulphonic acid is water soluable, it has the characteristic of feeling

ligter on skin. As such, it is often used in sunscreen lotions or moisturizers whose aesthetic goal is a non-greasy finish.The free acid is

poorly soluble in water, so it is used as its soluble salts.

ለበለጠ መረጃ


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