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ull volume: 1/3/5/7/10/15 / 20L
Body Material: borosilicate glass combined with 316L stainless steel
Transmission: magnetic drive (turbine impeller)
Gas: Rd gas control (automatic optional), and physical bubble gas microbubble delivery system (special)
Sterilization occurs: off-site sterilization (autoclave)
Control Systems: BLBIO-D biological process controller (Siemens PLC + Taiwan Advantech IPC)
Germany Proudly solenoid valve

Modelopmerkings: BLBIO- XABC-D
X-tenk totale volume:
A- tenkmateriaal: -G: Glas / -S: vlekvrye staaltenk -V diere sel-entstof -C -M ensiemreaktortenk
B- Transmission: -C: magnetic drive mechanical stirring / -J Direct drive mechanical agitation / -Q -S solid flow stir stir -G provide light
C - add optional features -A automatic sterilization - inaction manual manual situ sterilization sterilization -U -Y glass lid automatically upgrade
D - -A controller model for industrial control computer + Control Module - inaction B controller, for our standard controller -C 10-inch LCD touch screen + PLC -D 15-inch LCD touch screen + PLC + imports transmitter Siemens device

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