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Како одабрати биореактор културе ћелијске суспензије?

Времена: 2021. Прегледај:

In the production of biological products, large-scale animal cell culture technology has received more and more attention, and the most important equipment of this technology is the bioreactor. The ideal bioreactor for cell culture can well meet the needs of high-density cell proliferation. At the same time, it can cooperate with a scientific and reasonable online monitoring system to reflect the growth of cells in a timely manner, making high-density cell culture more scientific and reasonable, and ensuring efficient expression of target products.


Bioreactor refers to equipment that uses living cells or enzymes as biocatalysts for cell proliferation or biochemical reactions to provide a suitable environment. It is a key equipment in the biological reaction process. The selection of the structure, operation mode and operating conditions of the bioreactor is closely related to the quality, yield (conversion rate) and energy consumption of biochemical products.

The idea of ​​using bioreactors for animal cell culture is actually derived from the microbial fermentation system, but because animal cells are different from microbial cells in terms of their morphology, structure, culture method, and required mechanical environment, traditional microbial culture fermentation fermenter system are not suitable for animal cell culture.

The KNIK BIO stirred bioreactor has a wide range of applications due to its stable and easy-to-control production process, simple scale-up. Through continuous optimization of traditional agitated bioreactors, such as the use of a combination of deep aeration system and surface aeration system, adjustment of the height-to-diameter ratio of the reactor tank, and development of low-shear agitating blades such as inclined blades and elephant ears Pulp, etc., combined with the optimization of the cell culture medium. For example, after adding an anti-shear protective agent to the culture medium, animal cells can withstand a certain degree of shearing force, so that animal cells can grow well in a mechanically stirred bioreactor. At present, when animal cells are used for large-scale cultivation, the main choice for bioreactors is mechanical agitation, and the pursuit of large-scale, simple and easy-to-scale reactors has begun. At the same time, the scale of production is also increasing. KNIKBIO can provide 5000L cell bioreactor.


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