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BLBIO-15SJ-50SJ-4  is an experimental fermentation equipment, compact, easy to operate,  powerful, fermentation can meet a variety of purposes, such as batch,  fed-batch, or animal cell culture. Color touch screen display of all measured values and control parameters, which greatly facilitates the user's actions. Per  pot in front of the tank next to the control box installed four  peristaltic pump, to the fermentor can be added acids, bases, defoamers,  and the culture medium. Fermentation  of various parameters such as, pH, DO, temperature and speed can be  monitored by the controller, all the data and control parameters can be  passed to the controller or computer. Compact structure, the various components can be integrated on the fermentation system. The upper driver using direct coupling mechanical stirring or lower  driving indirectly coupled magnetic mechanical stirring manner, simple  structure, stable operation.

Nominal capacity: 15 liters a 50-liter four-Taiwan, a transplanted  workstations, each tank can be controlled independently of each tank can  be carried out in parallel side comparison process can also be carried  out in series metabolic flux studies were analyzed centrally controlled  computer

He pālahalaha kiʻekiʻe ke kaha: 1: 2-3; wai piha hoʻopiha: 70%
Tank body: 316L stainless steel tank
Mixing method: couplings drive mechanical agitation (John Crane mechanical seal)
Ventilation: rotameter display, adjust the gas flow according to process requirements

PH control: intelligent PID control, Mettler PH electrode;
DO function: Mettler DO electrode with feeding speed associated control.
Temperature control: intelligent PID control, electrically heated, water cooled
Feeding: complete feeding system (acids, alkalis, bubble enemy, training agents) can be programmed to control feeding;
Sterilization: in situ sterilization;
Vaccination: Alcohol flame inoculation and transplanted transplanted workstation

Nā palena kikowaena:
Stirring speed: Dedicated motor speed, wide range, low noise, high temperature, speed: 50 ~ 1000rpm Accuracy: ± 1rpm;
PH control: intelligent PID control, peristaltic pump automatically  fill the acid / base; range: 2 ~ 12ph; control accuracy: ± 0.02ph,
DO control: Intelligent PID control, associated with the feeding speed; range: 0 to 100%, the control accuracy: ± 3%;

Temperature control: intelligent PID control; electric heating and  water cooling; range: cooling water temperature + 5 ~ 60 ℃; Accuracy: ±  0.1 ℃;
Foam Control: electrode detection, peristaltic pump up defoamers, automatic control;
Ventilation: hoʻoponopono pilikino, hōʻike mita;
Ke hoʻoweliweli ʻana o ka ʻona: hoʻonohonoho pono ʻia, ke hōʻike ʻana o ke ana; waʻa: 0 ~ 0.20Map;
 BLBIO-C  control system: Siemens S7-200 series PLC control system + Advantech  industrial control computer, the entire Chinese menu and interface; USB  flash drives can be used for data transmission, sampling and analysis  show browse tank data, system data, read set fixed.

PC  BLBIO-8.0 Analysis Software: Based on the cellular and molecular  biological metabolic flux detection and control theory and optimization  studies for many years in the microbial fermentation process has a  wealth of (bio-fermentation process monitoring software, a sampling of  the richness of the main functions of this software are as follows :

A: indirect parameter OUR, CER, RQ, KLa accurate calculation, etc.  online, and can simultaneously display multiple curves of different  parameters on the same coordinate plane;
B: accurate display of the fermenter material balance and change,  facilitate the user to analyze the correlation of the fermentation  process, helping users to obtain the appropriate regulatory point  amplification step to achieve the purpose of the pilot;
C: off-line input of total sugar, reducing sugar, amino nitrogen,  bacteria concentration, fermentation units, such as testing data and  generate the corresponding curve in online process parameters curve;
D: mainly has the following functions:
Multi-tank parallel sampling
Lot more direct comparison of data
Unified display a variety of data and comprehensive analysis
Convenient custom capabilities (can programmed myself)
Real-time online data sampling
Real-time online data processing and display
Manual parameter input
Automatic calculation of indirect parameters
Officials calendar data query and display
Nā palena kikoʻī
Graphics, report printing
I  developed this device for comparing high-end products, suitable for  large pharmaceutical companies and research institutes to optimize  processes use

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