Top product Benzophenone-3 CAS NO.131-57-7

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  • Oxybenzone;Escalol 567;
  • UV-9; UVINUL M40;Neo Helipan BB
  • 2-hydroxy-4-methoxybenzophenone

Quick detalye

  • ProName:Top product Benzophenone-3 
  • CasNo:131-57-7 
  • Molekula Pormula:C14H12O3
  • panagway:light yellow crystalline powder
  • Paggamit:sunscreen, filter solar, UVINUL M-40, ...
  • Oras sa Paghatud:10 ADLAW
  • Pakete:25KG CARTON
  • pantalan:SHANGHAI
  • Kapasidad sa produksiyon:3000 Metric Ton / Day
  • kaputli:99%
  • Pagtipig:sudlanan nga madungaganon
  • LimitasyonNum:1 Metric Ton
  • Mabug-at nga metal:20 ppm max
  • Grade:Pang-industriya nga Grado, Grado sa Pagkaon, Pharma Gra ...
  • mosulay:97-103%
  • Pagtunaw sa punto:62-65
  • Congealing temperature:62 min
  • Kahinlo:1% max
  • Residual solvent:5000 ppm max



kami adunay kaayo kadako nga output gibanabana nga 3000mt / tuig

ang pasilidad sa produksiyon gi-inspeksyon ug gi-aprubahan sa us fda.

makasuporta kita,

       lig-on nga suplay, lig-on nga kalidad

       dako nga output

       madanihon nga presyo

       suporta sa logistic, bodega sa bag-ong jersey ug europe

      suporta sa audit sa site

      suporta sa dokumento

      dali nga tubag sa sulod sa 24 ka oras

benzophenone-3 is an organic compound. it is a pale-yellow solid that  is readily soluble in most organic solvents. it is a component of many suncreen lotions.     



Ubang mga ngalan: 2-Hydroxy-4-Methoxy Benzophenone, Uvinul M-40, Oxybenzone


Kabtangan sa kemikal:

Appearance 97-103%

Identification: IR: Identical to IR Spectrum of standard

Congealing temperature: 62 min

LOD: 2% max

Impurity: total impurities 1% max

Ang nahabilin nga mga solvent 5000 ppm max

Benzophenone-3 is a very good broad spectrum UV absorber. It is approved by the US, EU, AUS.JP to

be used in different kinds of cosmetics. It can be used in topical sunscreens, moisturizers, shampoos,

hair care products, lipstick, lip balms, nail polish etc.


It is generally used together with Octocrylene, Avobenzone, Octisalate, Homosalate to achieve good protecton from sun shine.

This ingredient is widely used in all sun care formulations. It is used in sunscreens, hair sprays, and cosmetics because they help prevent potential damage from sunlight exposure. It is also found in concentration upto 1% in nail polishes.

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