Bioreactor ang mga selula sa hayop

Animal cell bioreactor bottom couplings drive double mechanical seal

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50L50L500L animal cell bioreactors (linked at the top of the shaft drive double mechanical seal)

50L top gear couplings double mechanical seal

500 liters suspension cell culture bioreactor (bottom axis linking drive double mechanical seal)  BLBIO-500SJCU

500L animal cell bioreactor bottom couplings drive double mechanical seal

Full volume: 500L working volume: 400L
Body Material: 316L stainless steel
Transmission: under magnetic drive (turbine impeller), no mechanical seals, biosafety good

Gas: Rd gas control (automatic optional), and physical bubble gas microbubble delivery system (special)
Sterilization occurs: Automatic sterilization program
Control Systems: BLBIO-D biological process controller (Siemens PLC + Taiwan Advantech IPC)
Germany Proudly Valve

Mga Komento sa Modelo: BLBIO- XABC-D
X-tank nga kinatibuk-ang kadaghan:
Mga materyales sa tanke: -G: Glass / -S: stainless steel tank -V vaccine cell cell -C -M enzyme reaktor nga reaktor
B- Transmission: -C: magnetic drive mechanical stirring / -J Direct drive mechanical agitation / -Q airflow stir stir -L -S provide solid light source
C - add optional features -A automatic sterilization - inaction manual manual situ sterilization sterilization -U -Y glass lid automatically upgrade
D - -A controller model for industrial control computer + Control Module - inaction B controller, for our standard controller -C 10-inch LCD touch screen + PLC -D 15-inch LCD touch screen + PLC + imports transmitter Siemens device

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