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Dupli inkubacijski šećer velikog kapaciteta

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Set incubator and oscillator in one space-saving footprint, less functional and more investment, double the design capacity of more occupies less. Housing for high-quality steel plate, stainless steel cavity full mirror assembly, never rust. Tilt humane control panel, large screen backlit LCD display, more good visual effect. There operational parameter memory function, avoiding the complicated operation and password lock, to prevent human errors. There recovery functions, without power interruption affected, the device can automatically restore the original setup program runs. With strong rapid cooling systems to achieve instant cooling requirements and has automatic defrost function. Large windows with built-in lighting lighting perspective, the entire work status clear glance. Machine quiet design, electrostatic spray cabinet, large glass windows can, modeling luxurious appearance. Five sections of programmable settings, you can simulate the temperature and velocity curve control. (Custom made) Output selectable temperature logger, micro printer or select RS232 interface and PC communications, remote control. (Custom made)



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