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ጊዜያት: 2018-10-30 ያስሱ



1. The antigens are developed using raw material. The step will use the below stainless steel tanks.


Mixed seedling tank---Storage tank---Inactivated tank---Emulsification tank---Seedling tank---Salt water tank---Aluminum can---Fermenter--Liquid tank (preparation tank)


2. The antigens produced from microorganisms are extracted

3. Impurities are removed and concentrated through physical and chemical processes

4. Pathogenicity is suppressed while retaining immunological properties

5. The active antigenic substances are combined in a single component

6. All the ingredients are melt together

7. The vaccine is filled into a vial or a syringe

8. This step makes it possible to remove the water in a product by transforming it into powder, which ensures a better stability and therefore a better conservation

9. The vaccine is labeled in accordance with regulatory requirements and packed, ready for shipping

10. Quality assurance confirms the product has been manufactured and tested in accordance with the correct procedures.

11. The national regulatory authority gives the final authorization to release the product for distribution

12. Vaccines are distributed all around the world, respecting the cold chain and a temperature between 2 and 8 degrees.


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