Die grootste produsent van UV-531 CAS NO.1843-05-6

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  • UV-531
  • Benzophenone-12
  • 2-hydroxy-4-Octoxy benzophenone

Vinnige Besonderhede

  • ProName:The biggest producer of UV-531 
  • CasNo:1843-05-6 
  • Molekulêre Formule:C14H12O3
  • Voorkoms:liggeel kristallyne poeier
  • aansoek:plastic additives
  • Afleweringstyd:10 DAE
  • Verpakking:25KG CARTON
  • ProduksieKapasiteit:3000 Metric Ton/Day
  • Purity:99%
  • Storage:ligbestande houer
  • LimietNommer:1 Metrieke Ton
  • Swaarmetaal:Maksimum 20 ppm
  • Graad:Industrial Grade,Food Grade
  • Toets:99%
  • Smeltpunt:47-49



we have very huge output approximate 3000mt/ year

the production facility are inspected and approved by the us fda.

we can support,

       stable supply, stable quality

       huge output

       aantreklike prys

       logistic support ,warehouse in new jersey and europe

      site audit support

      documentaton support

      prompt response within 24 hours



Other names: 2-Hydroxy-4-Methoxy Benzophenone, Uvinul M-40, Oxybenzone


Chemiese eienskap:

Appearance  Pale greenish yellow crystalline powder

Assay  99% min

Transmittance: 450nm 90.0% min

                         500nm  95.0% min


UV-531 is a light stabilizer with good performance, capable of absorbing the UV radiation of 240-340nm wave langth with the characteristics of light color,non-toxic,good compatibility,small mobility, easy processing etc. It can protect the polymer to its maximum extent, helps to reduce the color. It can aso delay the yellowing and obstacle the loss of its physical function. It is widely applied to PE,PVC,PP,PS,PC ,organic glass, polypropylene fiber,ethylene-vinyl acetate etc. Moreover, it has very good light-stability effect on drying phenol aldehyde,vanish of alcohol and acname, polyurethane, acrylate, expoxamee etc.


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