Neo Heliopan HMS SALisol HMS Homosalaat Parsol HMS CAS NO.118-56-9

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  • Homosalate Parsol HMS
  • Neo Heliopan HMS Homosalate
  • SALisol HMS Homosalate

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  • ProName:Neo Heliopan HMS SALisol HMS Homosa... 
  • CasNo:118-56-9 
  • Molekulêre Formule:C16H22O3
  • Voorkoms:kleurlose deursigtige vloeistof
  • aansoek:sun care cosmetics, skin care, lip car...
  • Afleweringstyd:10 DAE
  • Verpakking:200 KG TROOM
  • ProduksieKapasiteit:2000 ton / jaar
  • Purity:90-110%
  • Storage:ligbestande houer
  • LimietNommer:1 Metrieke Ton
  • Swaarmetaal:Maksimum 10 ppm
  • Graad:Pharma Graad
  • Toets:90-110%
  • bloedskande0.1%



it is a very good oil soluable sunscreen for sun care cosmetics. it is widely used

for all kinds of formulation.

homosalate is an effective oil soluble liquid uv-b absorber. it is an excellent

sobilizer for crystalline uv absorbers such as avobezone or ethylhexyl triazone.

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Voorkoms: Kleurlose deursigtige vloeistof

Toets 90-110%

Identification Infrared Absorption  Conform

Spesifieke gravitasie 1.049-1.053

Refracive Index 1.516-1.519

Homosalate is an oil soluble chemical sun blocking agent that absorbs UV B radiation

It does not protect against UVA. It appears to have comparatively good safety profle. However usd alone it is insufficient even for UV B protection.

They are generally used in combination with other UV filters. It apprears to have comparatively good safety property as sunscreen.

Homosalate have been approved by the global worldwide regulation.

The maximum usage is as below

EC, JP 10% MAX

US, AUS  15% MAX

A very good UV B absorber commonly used in the formulation.

It can also be used as an excellent solvent for solid sunscreens, for beach wear, sun care, facial skin are and also

for whitening agent.

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